How about production process for Bed Base Series?

To design powerful Bed Base Series, It is crucial to begin with the manufacturing processes in the mind. To be standout, RAYSON GLOBAL CO., LTD listens to customers' requests in creation. Every production stage ought to be modulated with good care.

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With rich production experience, RAYSON is a front-runner in the industry of memory foam pillow deals. Various in styles, RAYSON's ball fibre pillow can meet the needs of different customers. Designed with pocket springs for sale , 4 Star Hotel Mattress can be suitable for pocket springs for sale . It offers firm and flexible support to the human body. flex foam mattress continues to reinforce its sales in emerging markets. Each production step is strictly checked to guarantee its premium quality.

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To make our production procedures more environmental-friendly, we resort to new solutions. We adopt and identify the new production technology and equipment which can improve production efficiency and clear a production bottleneck or reduce scrap.

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