How is RAYSON GLOBAL positioned?4

Our brand - RAYSON GLOBAL CO., LTD GLOBAL has been defined as a highly-valued brand in the market now. We are positioned by shaping consumer preferences and targeting the market, thus enhancing customers' willingness to purchase branded products and improving consumer loyalty. As a brand with years of experience, we can clearly understand what our consumers want and have a deeper understanding of market trends. By positioning the brand in the right way, it tells people how our brand is different from our competitors and makes us obtained maximized brand value.

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Over the years, RAYSON has continued to improve people’s lives with a steady flow of top 10 pocket sprung mattress innovations. Various in styles, RAYSON's 4 Star Hotel Mattress can meet the needs of different customers. Supported by professional technical team, our ball fibre pillow receive much more high reputation than before. The USA advanced technology is adopted in manufacturing. Our hotel bed base collection is distributed in many countries. It has good air permeability to keep dry and breathable.

Rayson Mattress Array image90

Our purpose is to constantly maintain the highest standards of business practices and provide the best possible results for our customers globally.

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