How many production lines does H&S run?

The number of production lines allows Guangdong ZhongXi Furniture Co.Ltd expanding our ability to develop new markets and generate the required production capacity. Our factory has introduced the international leading, domestic first-class standardized production line. In addition to an effective production line, we have gathered experienced and highly qualified technical backbones and management talents.

How many production lines does H&S run? 1

H&S is widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. H&S provides a wide range of customized furniture for customers. Because of the high levels of heat produced by H&S accent chairs with arms, the aluminum PCB board that contains a thin layer of dielectric that allows quicker heat dissipation is attached to printed boards. Its sleek and contemporary lines blends into almost any room. This product is safe enough. The dyes of fabrics are treated to contain no harmful chemicals that would cause any skin irritants. The product has the advantage of stain resistance.

The strong intention of our team is to become the future international custom wood chairs supplier. Inquiry!

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