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JLH always serves as the leading brand in the industry and markets with good credit and full social responsibility. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD strives to meet the industry standards and respects and consistently support the industry customs. We proactively participate in the global trade fairs and industry exhibition, in which we deliver important speeches and are highly acknowledged for the contribution to the industry. Our product under JLH is also warmly welcome as it has a wide range of application prospects.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE is widely known by its R&D ability and high-end technology. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE's modern bed series contains multiple sub-products. JLH hotel collection mattress is created by the R&D team who learn from the actual application situation of seals, and they strive to improve or optimize the design, structure, and sealing capacity. Manufactured by strict quality control, each mattress is highly recommended. The product helps increase production at a lower cost, which provides obvious benefits for any manufacturer to gain competitive advantages. Each spring is sealed in a strong fiber bag to prevent mould or insects effectively.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE attaches great importance to the research and development of new products and technologies.

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