When was JINLONGHENG FURNITURE established?10

JINLONGHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD has been set up for several years. We have rich knowhow on New Mattress. In fact, we have experienced many problems from the beginning. We spent years creating our own brand and building our own sales channels. All of this has led to the current growing business. We are now familiar to customers around the world. We will continue to expand exports.

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JLH enjoys a bright future with reliable quality and brand popularity. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE produces a number of different product series, including innerspring foam mattress. JLH natural mattress is manufactured with the cutting-edge commercial water purification systems which are able to meet the most demanding water treatment requirements. This product will dramatically contribute to profitable growth. Thanks to its easy operation and maintenance, it helps lower operating costs. Hand-tufted mattress is good enough that could be rolled and compressed in a box.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE is always well prepared to supply customers with high quality bed headboard. Call!

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