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The factory of JINLONGHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD has the most advantageous position. Here, the cost of collecting materials and manufacturing and distributing finished New Mattress to customers is minimal. Our factory is located near the source of raw materials. Therefore, we are able to reduce transportation costs, which greatly affects production costs and provides customers with the greatest profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower adds to the efficient operation of our plant.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE is a state-level high-tech enterprise specialized in bamboo memory foam mattress. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE produces a number of different product series, including mattress in a box reviews. JLH natural mattress is produced using state-of-art machines. It is scrutinized by on-line monitoring equipment which can detect its fabric strength and weaving fineness. With refined techniques and automatic production, JLH mattresses are of excellent quality. This product is not prone to any form of fracture. Its high-performance materials make it withstand extreme conditions such as cold and hot temperatures that would cause deformation. Hand-tufted mattress is good enough that could be rolled and compressed in a box.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE is carrying the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, and keeps exploring forward. Get price!

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