Which New Mattress company doing OEM?1

Now many New Mattress manufacturers are able to offer OEM services. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE CO.,LTD is such a manufacturer. You are expected to do all the market research, R&D and develop its own product. The manufacturer is expected to have the manufacturing capability to fulfill the market demand in time.

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With the development of economy, JLH has gained much reputation in full size mattress manufacture industry. JINLONGHENG FURNITURE produces a number of different product series, including full size mattress. JLH slatted bed base is produced with precise dimensions. The flatness and roughness of the seal face are strictly controlled within an extremely small tolerance. Hand-tufted mattress is good enough that could be rolled and compressed in a box. It can endure the stresses of real-world working conditions. All components are designed with force analysis to ensure the strength of withstanding forces during operation. JLH mattress has passed ISO 9001 2000.

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JINLONGHENG FURNITURE is carrying the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, and keeps exploring forward. Check it!

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